Episode 1: #TheRestIsHistory – feat. Luke Miller

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Welcome to the very first episode of The Book of Roman.  The Book of Roman is a podcast of my life where I will share experiences with you past and present.  I have never been a person to have many friends and prefer to have four quarters instead of one hundred pennies.   I will take you on a journey to reconnect with these friends.  I like to think that everyone comes into your life for a reason and they are needed in your life when that happens.  However, as we both continue to move thru the path of life and are pulled in different directions we have lost touch.  I would like to use this podcast to share my stories and my friends with you.  Like the saying goes, “good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there!” I have decided to try and reach out to all the friends in my life going back to high school.  In addition, I have been told that I am the Dear Abbey to many. So if you have any questions you want my guest and me to answer please submit it on the website so that we may provide some feedback.

My first guest is my loving wonderful boyfriend. He needs no further introduction, as he’s pretty cool.  Press play and listen to us!




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