Episode 2: #ItsMyLife – feat. Liz Soto

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Liz is the original bestie, when its all said and done she has been there since 1996.  I would describe her as smart, sensitive with the right amount of strong, the kind of strong that most women aren’t.  But I guess to be my friend you have to be that right kind of strong.  She describes herself as beautiful, caring and stubborn.  Although Liz and I go back thru the years many of them have come and gone with us not being in each other’s lives, our friendship is pretty easy and carries itself.  Its cool that we can pick up the phone and know we are there for each other.  I know that if I call her she will drop whatever she is doing to make sure I am ok.   I hope she knows that id do the same for her.  Liz is one of the very few people I trust completely and I spill my secrets to.  This Bitch however, tends to be one of the last people I call because she is a lot like me in the sense that she will tell me what I don’t want to hear.



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