Episode 3: #YouGottaGetOut – feat. Grace Villa

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I can’t recall the exact year I met Grace and can only guestimate it was around 2008 while I was working at US Bank.  I remember walking into work one day and she was there pretending not to like me but to her surprise I didn’t like her either, or so I thought.  After a few days we decided we were great together and decided to become besties.  Grace is such a positive person and always can see the best in things.  She has an infections laugh that is so unique anytime you hear it, you’ll know its her!

Grace has a quality that I don’t have but have I always wanted.  She can always see the best in every situation and remains positive even when it’s pretty negative.   She was the very first person I cried to after being diagnosed with testicular cancer and after all of that. She just held me, let me cry and then made me laugh and for that I will always love her.

After we spoke we were just texting each other with fun things that got us into trouble and even then I was LOL’n.  I can’t wait to have her back.




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