Episode 5: #TRoman – feat. Tony Zavala

I met Tony in 2012 when I moved to Sacramento after my job was about to lay me off! I took a transfer and it was one of the best decisions I ‘ve made. I met Tony on Grindr and after a few times of hanging out with him we just clicked and became really good friends.

Tony is loyal to a fault, a very common trait in a Virgo. It takes a lot for me to trust another guy. I don’t keep very many guy friends for this reason. Tony and I recently reconnected after about 8 months of not keeping in touch and its good to have him back in my life, I hope he feels the same.

Soon after Tony and I met we were inseparable. Hell we were double trouble otherwise known as #TRoman and were know to bring sexy, latino, drunk, horny and FUN to you.

I love this guy!

With that Id like to introduce to you my fifth guest Tony Zavala the T in TRoman!

Press Play, you know you want to!



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