Episode 6: #ImBossy – feat. Michelle Martino

Michelle is my most recent bestie. I know I skipped a few, but I never said it would be in any particular order so calm down. As most of my stories have begun, I met Michelle at work in October of 2014 when she showed for her first day. I remember meeting her, but not exactly knowing what to think of her. So I did what I do best, kept to myself and put distance between us.

About two weeks after we started spending our lunches together, we discovered we have so much in common, particularly the fact that we are both the eldest children and are both super bossy!

What I love most about Michelle is how giving she is. She gives, gives, and gives and expects nothing in return. She is always down to help out a friend in need and has been here for me on so many occasions. Michelle is such a bright light in my life. She is so positive and full of life. She puts off that good energy that everyone wants to be around. She may say things I’ve never heard like “Holy Toledo,” but I still love her.

With that, I’d like to introduce to you my sixth guest: Michelle Martino.

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